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Emergency Contact

If you are a driver and have an after hours emergency, dial either our local or toll free numbers for assistance.

This information is for estimate purposes only and is no guarantee of availability. Please contact dispatch for scheduling and booking information.

Fuel surcharge changes every Monday. The U S Dept of Energy releases new figures around 2pm CST.

Quote is based solely on information received and is for estimate purposes only. Any changes including but not limited to ship date, origin, destination, commodity, weight, pallet configuration and/or need for accessorial services will impact the charges.

Any and all accessorial charges, including but not limited to COD, Storage, Interline, Processing Fees, are the responsibility of the freight payor. Any accessorial charges, including but not limited to Re-consignment, Redelivery, Unloading, Handling, Lumper, Detention, Sorting, Segregating, Unpacking, Inside Delivery, Re-stacking are also subject to Detention charges. Re-consignments and Redeliveries outside immediate commercial zones may incur charges for circuitous mileage.

All charges are subject to fuel surcharge. Fuel surcharges are subject to change. Unless otherwise stated, all rates are stated in cents per hundred pounds (CWT). Mixed temperature shipments will be billed as individual shipments unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. All shipments exceeding one pallet space will be billed at 1500# per pallet or actual weight, whichever is greater. All rates will be applied to the gross weight of the shipment regardless of weight shown on quote. Except on truckload, each shipment will consist of one pick up and one delivery. Any shipments cancelled or lowered substantially in weight, without notification prior to the dispatching of the truck will be subject the charges, (not to exceed the charges based on the original shipment). Unless credit is established prior to shipment, freight charges will be collected at the time of pick up or delivery. All freight bills are to be paid in thirty days. All collections and court costs will be the responsibility of the delinquent party.