Local Delivery From Local Experts

The best way to get your goods where they need to go.

Let Our Roots Plan Your Routes

Local shipping requires drivers who know the area, logistics experts who understand the roads, and a business that understands your customers. Budreck has been a local delivery specialist for over 50 years. Our local delivery services include:

Last-Mile Delivery

Higher Rate of On-Time Deliveries

Safe, Fast, Reliable Shipping

Drivers with Relationships to Your Clients

Being local means being engaged and energetic. Our fleet knows how to deliver. If you are a carrier or logistics company with deliveries needed in the Chicago commercial zone, Budreck can be a solution to keep your trucks moving.

Our Drivers Know Your Customers

Being local means local knowledge. It means building relationships. It means getting to understand exactly when goods need to be delivered.

From our expert logistics team to our fleet of dedicated, long-time owner-operators, we know our local areas. We understand what it takes to get your goods on time. And we know that your clients smile when they see us.

Local delivery is about more than what’s on the road. It’s about who’s behind every door.

Interested in Becoming a Driver?

A Facility Designed For Local Delivery

Your goods are coming from all over. They have to get local. Our facility is designed to handle the movement of goods from national to local.

  • Cross-Dock Capabilities
  • Less Then Load Expertise
  • Refrigerated Loading Dock
  • 1080 cooler and freezer pallet positions

Our whole team is working to make your goods move faster. We’re designed for your local storage needs.

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Short or Long-Term Deliveries

From final mile across town, to 2000 miles across the country, Budreck Truck Lines can get your product to its final destination. If you have other stops in the way, your drivers back is against the wall with hours of service issues, or you simply need a storage or transportation solution, we are here to help.

We service ALL 48 STATES, and offer daily LTL service throughout the Chicago commercial zone.

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Chicago’s Refrigerated LTL Facility by the Numbers

Dock Doors

Extra Deep Parking Stalls

Refrigerated Pallet Positions

Auto Parking Stalls

“Budreck Truck Lines has been a reliable partner for our LTL/Truckload Refrigerated needs for over 20 years. Their staff is knowledgeable and understand the requirements of the trucking industry in today’s world of food transit. I have confidence that as we continue to grow our customer base Budreck can handle the workload and still provide great service.”

Brett Piccioni
General Manager, Caputo Cheese

Get Your Freight Where it Needs to Go

You can count on Budreck Truck Lines to get it there when you need it. We provide the most dependable refrigerated LTL, cross-docking, and short-term storage service in the industry. We pride ourselves in giving you and your product the attention it deserves. Since 1967 we have been a leader in refrigerated LTL transportation. We’re excited to grow our areas of service and expertise. Let our business and your business grow together.

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