Warehouse Facility Designed To Get Your Products on Time

Our new warehouse is built for short and long-term storage and cross docks.

State-of-the-Art Shipping Facility

In 2015 we added the missing link to our customers supply chain needs: a 48,000 square foot freezer / cooler with a huge refrigerated staging area and 20 of the hardest working warehouse professionals in Chicagoland. Our new facility was built to handle expanded shipping volume, and employs a state-of-the-art automation to help with tracking and tracing.

We were built for volume. We were built for efficiency. We were built for you.

  • 14 dock doors
  • 80 extra-deep tractor trailer parking stalls
  • 77 auto parking stalls
  • State-of-the-Art Access control and security systems
  • 24-hour temperature monitoring and download capability
  • 1080 cooler and freezer pallet positions
  • Refrigerated loading dock
  • FSMA compliant
  • ASI certified
  • HACCP compliant and certified

Built To Fit Whatever You Need

Our new facility was built to handle multiple types of shipping and storage needs. We know that your needs vary job-to-job, and day-to-day. Whether you need a long-term solution or some quick help, we’re here. We offer:

Whatever you need, we’re there for you.

Multi-Temp Refrigeration Docks Keep Your Goods In Compliance

Your product has standards that need to be met to satisfy the consignee and your own high standards.

Budreck has the ability to store over 300 pallets at 34 degrees, and over 700 pallets at zero. We also boast of a huge staging area that allows for counting, loading and receiving.

Designed For Owner-Operators To Get Your Goods on The Road

Our owner-operators work on a schedule. Our facility is designed for quick and efficient loading and unloading.

We handle the logistics to satisfy your supply chain needs.

Dependable Refrigerated Transportation Shipping Facility


Sq Ft Facility

Shipments Per Week


On-Time Delivery Rating

Get Your Freight Where it Needs to Go

You can count on Budreck Truck Lines to get it there when you need it. We provide the very best and most dependable refrigerated LTL, cross-docking, and short-term storage service, giving your product the attention it deserves. Businesses have relied on us since 1967. Let’s move together.

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